Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WALK on water!

New review from Americana-UK:

New York-based Red Rooster are the basically the duo Jay Erickson (lead vocals) and Nat Zilkha (lead guitar) who have been playing together for many years. Jay & Nat formed Red Rooster in NY ten years ago and on this record they have brought together a diverse group of musicians and instruments to compliment some stellar song writing. The core group for this outing consists of Susannah Hornsby (vocals & accordion – and yes her uncle is Bruce), Andrew Green (banjo), Dave Gould (saxophone), Brandon Doyle (French horn), Lucas Ives (drums), David Engelman (bass) and Pete Nilsson (keys).

All but two tracks come from the pen of Zilkha and Erickson, Susannah Hornsby contributes one song and there is cover of ‘Satisfied Mind’ by Hayes/Rhodes. Red Rooster are firmly linked to country and probably 'alt-country' (whatever that is) as the band strives to create numerous colours and themes on this excellent record.

Exploring familiar themes there are several stand out songs ‘Leaves in Autumn’, ‘Five Tiny Fingers’, and the Calexico influenced ‘Let It All Go’ and the tour de force ‘Washington Square’. The band even manage to combine some hip hop with country on ‘The Places In Between’ – clearly a band not happy to tread on water, more like WALK on water.

As always it’s about the songs and here on display is some of the best country/folk songs written and played this year. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reggae Sauce That Caresses the Ears!

just got a new review in from the Netherlands:

here is what our translation team came up with (thanks Will "Ginger Beer" Fadrhonc!):

You can always wake me when a band makes a cd and they realize a sound that mixes folk, country, bluegrass, reggae, and jazz. This is not a traditional sounding band, this is Red Rooster founded in 1998 in New York. On their new CD "Walk" they do not shy away from such diversities, and for the listener it is pure enjoyment to hear the outstanding songwriting of singer Jay Erickson and the other band members: Susannah Hornsby (niece of Bruce with a similar voice to Alison Krauss), Andrew Green (banjo), Dave Gould (sax), Brandon Doyle (french horn), Lucas Ives (drums), Daniel Engelman (bass), Jeremy Randol (drums), and Pete Nilson (keyboard). Their third CD,"Walk," was recorded at Soft Landing studio in New York and produced by front-man Jay Erickson. Red Rooster knows how to produce a mighty band sound without once sounding too dominant.

From a production point of view this cd is rock solid and has guts. With the opening semi up-tempo number Bluebird we are immediately immersed. Folk/country augmented with a Reggae beat. Traditional folk/country songs combined with bluegrass like
Chasing You, Leaves in Autumn, Time to Go, and Raining in Los Angeles let you listen to a band that knows what they are doing: entertaining the listener with pleasant, powerful and truly delightful songs and a perfectly blended sound between Jay and Susannah and the other band members with "ear blinding" harmonies.

The surprise of Red Rooster lies in the mix of folk/country with a reggae sauce as in
Washington Square, The Place In Between, and Black Point Road. When the bluegrass/gospel Satisfied Mind, simple and intimate with a banjo, finishes with the angel of the band Susannah Hornsby, then "Walk" has totally made it. The entire CD is perfectly put together and caresses the ears.

The album is available for download here complete with reggae sauce and bluegrass spices (pay what you want!):

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Review - "Don't wait for the hype; get in on the ground floor"

Red Rooster is a New York City-based Folk/Country collective that can dazzle you in many ways. Whether it's the blend of Country, Gospel, Bluegrass and Folk styles, the modern electronic elements, or good old fashioned music and lyrics, Red Rooster brings quality to all aspects of their music. Red Rooster’s third album, Walk, will be released digitally on their website on September 22, 2009. Walk promises a lot and delivers on every count.

Red Rooster is an interesting mix of Country, Folk, Bluegrass and even some pop sensibility at times. The debate could be endless about whether Jay Erickson or Susannah Hornsby is the better vocalist, but there's no doubt that as a duo they're incredible. Red Rooster is incredibly tight as a band, and Walk is a playground where they show off their best work. Don't be surprised if Walk shows up on a host of end-of-year "Best" lists. Don't wait for the hype; get in on the ground floor.

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