Monday, August 3, 2009

Red Rooster Adopts Red Rooster

Back in February, Andrew Green (banjo) came across a posting on Gowanus Lounge that had also been picked up by NY Mag about a Rooster from Red Hook needing a home and forwarded it onto the band. Part of it read: "Alicia Jr. is 7mo. old and prefers relocation to a sunny farm or some sort of mascot position." A very nice chicken-keeper had ordered some chicks and one of them had (clearly) not been sexed right and was starting to make some noise the neighbors didn't care for. It felt like destiny and without much hesitation (and after a few pictures were exchanged via email to confirm how handsome this young rooster is) we took him under our wing. We are consulting with experts and working on a training regimen to find out if it would be healthy for him (and the audience) if he joins us at live shows. He is currently enjoying the wilds of Pawling, NY and has a harem of 9 chicks.

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