Friday, November 13, 2009

Review from The Freight Train Boogie!

This CD by Red Rooster showed up in the pile of CD's a month ago and I was intrigued by the image of a tractor in front of a city skyline. The music is an infectious reflection of the cover, urban pop melodies played by mostly country instruments. The New York-based band calls themselves a folk collective, centered around lead vocalist Jay Erickson and guitarist Nat Zilkha, who also share the songwriting. The other band members play fiddle, steel and banjo that blend amazingly with a small horn section and your standard keys, bass and drums.

Hints of gospel, blues and even a few samples can't keep the twang from shining through. The album closes with the only cover, Porter Wagoner's "Satisfied Mind, " sung passionately by "ringer' vocalist Susannah Hornsby. This is Americana music in the broadest sense of the word and that's a good thing. I dare you to not love what these guys in Red Rooster are doing.

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